Texture Megapack Volume 01 - Free Sample

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Texture Megapack Volume 01 - Free Sample

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This is a free sample for the bitmap based substance pack titled SciFi Texture Megapack Vol. 01, containing one representative substance with features that most of the other textures in the pack have.

There are 3 substance files, one compatible with Substance Designer 4 (for use in 3d software that doesn't support Substance Designer 5 files like (eg. 3ds MAX)), one with named and adjusted outputs for rendering with V-ray, and one standard Substance Designer 5.

All substances come with adjustments for baked lighting, AO, shadows, master control for glossiness/roughness, metallic, specular properties and also 5 additional shader adjustments for color, color opacity, glossiness/roughness, specular/metallic channels for various parts of the texture.

Textures feature:

  • Diffuse
  • Metallic
  • Displacement
  • Normal
  • Self Illumination
  • Roughness
  • Bump
  • Specular
  • and Glossiness outputs, with a maximum 2048x2048 px resolution.

In case you only need images I recommend using Allegorithmics free Substance Player.

Full pack is available here.

Also, you can check it out at Sketchfab

Feel free to drop us a comment at Artstation

I want this!
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